‘Delivering Happiness’ Holds First Corporate Masterclass in MENA Region

June 20, 2022


Part of ensuring that employees remain motivated is to ensure they are happy at work, creating a productive and frictionless work environment. Over 85% of employees worldwide disengage from their job, which automatically reflects how the company performs and its end-of-year results.

Delivering Happiness, the world’s first culture coach|sulting®️ company specializing in creating positive corporate culture realizes the importance of having a content workforce for a company’s health. Hence, they are capitalizing on their 15-year-plus expertise, they’ve launched their Delivering Happiness Egypt office (DHE) in 2019 and lately, they’ve organized a legendary masterclass in Egypt for the first time in the country and the region.

DH helped organizations worldwide to use the science of happiness to co-create adaptable organizations that grow healthy cultures, profits, and purpose to adapt & thrive. The company helped over 350 firms deliver satisfaction to their employees, including HP, Starbucks, Google, and Facebook.

DH’s first client in Egypt was Mountain View in 2016, helping them implement the “Science of Happiness” in their HQ building. Therefore, in 2019, Delivering Happiness Egypt has been launched to implement the science of happiness into big companies and offer tailored programs such as Etisalat and AstraZeneca.

Research has proved that when employees are happy, on average, productivity increases by 21%, while burnout decreases by 400%, which reduced absenteeism by 37%. As a result, growth in the bottom line and sales reached 37%, while innovative thinking jumped 300%.

DHE’s approach is data-driven and relies on science-backed knowledge of positive psychology to showcase the value of a happier workplace can have within the organization.

Steps to success

The masterclass has proven to be extremely beneficial to all its attendees through a series of different outputs they were able to achieve. As a start, attendees have identified the “5 Delivering Happiness Elements.” They are values, connectedness, control, progress, and purpose. DHE then displayed how to build a positive culture of happiness based on the company’s core values by conducting personal and team exercises.

They then moved on to how to develop essential shared behaviors by aligning both personal values with the company values. The masterclass experts also gave examples of how to measure the business culture to increase overall business profits.

Furthermore, they explored applying the happiness habits at the workplace such as Gratitude, Optimism & mindfulness.

The last step of the masterclass was creating a purpose-driven culture and how to create a fully comprehensive ‘culture action plan’ with simple steps to have quick wins and long-term impact across the business.

To sum up, Delivering Happiness Egypt proves to offer customizable and relatable messages to the audience regardless of where they are on their cultural journey or the number of employees within their organization, it is crucial that each decision-maker in their business world experience their tips and tricks to lead their corporates to success.

After all, Happier Employees = Happier Customers = A more profitable business [and, more meaningful lives.]

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