Energy: Fuel for the Economy – November 2019

December 28, 2019

With more investments flowing in and natural gas exports on the rise, Egypt is moving steadily closer to its goal of becoming an energy hub for the Eastern Mediterranean region. This progress is supported not just by new discoveries and increased production, but also by a comprehensive reform strategy that aims to help Egypt make the most of its oil and gas resources at home and in international markets.
Chapter one in this edition of the Energy Industry Insight looks at the Oil & Gas Modernization Project, with updates on the state’s seven-pillar program overhauling every aspect of the petroleum sector, along with how the private sector is responding to and participating in the reforms. The second chapter provides updates on the sector as a whole, with the latest discoveries and production plans, the state of the trade balance, and current threats and opportunities. Chapter three charts the latest moves in the Mediterranean Basin as Egypt cements its position as an energy hub. And finally, the fourth chapter takes a detailed look at the Ministry of Petroleum’s push to develop its human resources from entry-level employees to top management.

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