Research Note: Egypt’s New Administrative Capital

December 15, 2021

For thousands of years, countries have relocated their capitals, motivated by a variety of reasons. New capitals have been built to reflect political restructuring, create a central or neutral city that avoids partisan conflicts, develop an underserved region, or ease pressure on an existing city, among other reasons. Egypt itself has shifted its capital at least 25 times over the 5,000 years of its recorded history.

In 2015, Egypt unveiled its next capital: a brand-new city to house all branches of government, diplomatic missions, the tallest tower in Africa and up to 7 million people by the time all three phases of the project are complete in 2050. Temporarily dubbed the New Administrative Capital (NAC), the city spans 1,500 square kilometers between New Cairo and Ain Sokhna, making it the largest of 20 fourth-generation cities under construction nationwide, all part of the Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS): Egypt Vision 2030.

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