Egypt’s First Climate Positive Farm — Here’s What We Know

October 19, 2022


Egypt’s first climate-positive farm in Beheira governorate now boasts new agricultural
mechanisms to adapt to challenges brought on by climate change and find solutions to mitigate the impact on agriculture.

Tulima Farms spans over an area of ​​25,000 square meters and adopts climate-friendly methods to boost production while ensuring sustainability.

The farm’s idea started with automated agricultural tents that are monitored to track the condition and growth of crops by the minute. The farm uses alternative soil made of coconut fibers. Through these ground
coconut bristles, plants can grow in a medium free from diseases, molds and bacteria, Seif Salama, operations director of Tulima Farms told Al Monitor.

Recycled plastic containers and a closed recycled water circuit that saves 90% of the water are also in use on the farm. The containers operate on solar energy supplied by panels to save energy and water within a small area while avoiding the harmful impact of chemical pesticides.

Tulima’s products are also grown inside bags made of recycled plastic bottles. To address Egypt’s growing water crisis, Tulima Farms relies on hydroponics and vertical farming to ensure smarter space utilization and less water consumption.