Dolato, Dirty Cookie Announce Alliances

March 28, 2023


“Collaborations” is a word we used to hear at our age. Still, today’s collaboration is unique and rare in the Egyptian market, as it brings two competitors together as partners, sending a strong message to other companies about the power of partnership amid economic crises.

Dolato Gelateria and LA-SOURCED Dirty Cookie dropped a big sweet announcement of their recent collaboration during a ceremony to mark International Women’s Day, highlighting the importance of such associations to mitigate the negative impacts of current economic crises, inviting other companies to adopt this approach.

Both companies provide customers with ice cream and cookies, but when they decided it was time for partnership and support, they agreed that each one would be providing its specialty, where Dolato delivers ice cream, and Dirty Cookie provides cookies in one of the exceptional collaborations of its kind in the Egyptian market.

Titled “The Power of Support And Collaboration,” the event was an exclusive dinner organized to celebrate Women’s Day.

Dolato is one of the pioneer companies that encourage this kind of collaboration between companies and entrepreneurs amid challenging economic conditions, believing that such partnerships will eventually benefit the market and help startups overcome the financial hurdles of expanding their businesses.

Both CEOs of Dolato Gelateria Mohamed Amin El-Hout and Dirty Cookie Shahira Marei decided to strike the collaboration in a short period after a coincidence meeting at the Forbes Middle East Under 30 Summit held in El Gouna last November.

“It became a reality in our life that we see day after day the importance of the role of strong and smart women in social and economic development, as we celebrate successful women every day,” said CEO of Dolato Gelateria Mohamed Amin El-Hout.

CEO of Dolato added, “Today we are accompanied by the successful entrepreneur Shahira Marei, who has managed to turn challenges into brave achievements.”

El-Hout said that the two parties decided on collaboration as they found mutual benefit in it, as he explained: “on the one hand, we, as Dolato, benefit from Shahira’s distinguished experience, as it spares us the costs of research and development in addition to the costs of imported production lines, while on the other hand, Dirty Cookie benefits, as this relationship serves its expansion plans without the need to invest in opening new branches to deliver distinctive products to the end customer.”

In his speech, El-Hout sent a message to all companies, saying that amid the current economic crisis affecting the world, “this time is not the time for competing with each other. It is the time for alliances and togetherness and for seeing opportunities to benefit each other, where we regard each other as indirect partners rather than competitors.”

Dirty Cookie, a women-owned business, started in California 8 years ago and was brought to Egypt over the past two years, according to the founder and CEO Shahira Marei, who expressed her excitement for the collaboration with Dolato, describing it as “one of the most innovative companies in the market.”

“I am very excited about [the collaboration], and it is going to be an amazing one,” she said.

Marie concluded her speech by saying that the world is abundant and that “we should all win together.